Insolvency Services

As a specialised insolvency service provider, IndustrieWert GmbH is bound by the “Principles of Proper Insolvency Administration” (Grundsätze ordnungsgemäßer Insolvenzverwaltung, GOI). With the introduction of a standardised quality management system under DIN EN ISO 9001, all core processes have been reviewed and certified.

Thus, we meet the standards set out by the VID, Verband Insolvenzverwalter Deutschlands eV (Registered Association of lnsolvency Administrators) for high-quality, trustworthy and transparent cooperation:

  • Safeguarding the movable fixed assets

  • Securing the premises

  • Securing data/data carries and know-how

  • Preliminary review of separation and preferential rights

  • Storage utilisation

  • Voluntary sales and business liquidations

  • Data protection compliant document destruction

  • Property and site clearance

  • Disposal

As a member of the Arbeitskreis Insolvenzwesen Köln eV (AK Inso) (Insolvency Working Group, Cologne) our specialists are always informed about the current developments and legal foundations.

IndustrieWert GmbH operates as an industrial services provider internationally. 

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